Brian J Jones


Marquetry is the art of creating decorative designs by carefully selecting and cutting wood veneer to fit precisely together on a single sheet. While there are many techniques used in marquetry, my personal preference is the double bevel technique. The bevel produced by angling the saw cut creates the precision fit. I utilize the natural color, grain, and peculiarities of various wood to create a broad color pallet. My products also incorporates dye-Infused wood in several colors. I use vacuum pressure to ensure complete penetration of the wood veneer.

History of Marquetry The exact origins of marquetry are unknown, but it is believed to have been first developed in ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics suggest that wood veneers were applied to caskets. Little is known of the history of marquetry until its development became centralized in Europe. During the thirteenth century many craftsmen were monks, therefore marquetry was often used to decorate cathedrals. Over the next few centuries, marquetry schools were established in France, Germany, and Holland. Marquetry became quite popular in the decoration of furniture for royalty, and the wealthy. The process was both expensive and tedious, but the invention of new tools allowed for the development of faster, more efficient techniques. By the end of the nineteenth century, marquetry became an even more popular and accessible form of furniture decoration. Today marquetry products are considered to be works of art due to the revival of interest in high quality pieces over the last century.

About Me I have enjoyed woodworking my whole life. I'm married and have two daughters, Melanie and Amanda and now a beautiful granddaughter Eleanor. I live in Fayetteville North Carolina. Early in my life, my father instilled the importance of quality. That influence is directly reflected in my designs. I work in a small studio creating handmade pieces from fine domestic and exotic hard woods. My work is enduring and my art can be handed down for generations.

A special thanks to my wife, Sandy who is my inspiration and who
encourages me to pursue my passion.

Brian J Jones - Wood Artisan